Our mission here is simple: make a lot of cool movies and try to blow your mind in the process.


It's come to our attention, via our website users, that it's somewhat difficult to navigate this site. Well, let us help you. Just choose a section you want to visit from our menu on the upper left-hand side of this page, click on it and there you go!


If you haven't seen it in our WHAT'S NEW box over there on the left yet, we now have a fund-raising campaign going on over at patreon.com. We hate to use the word "begging" so let's just say that Towncenterfilms is suffering from a condition known as "fundsalow". A terrible monetary disease that usually kills off one's dreams and drives them mad as they are slowly kept from their true calling in life as each new day blurs into another.


Anyone wishing to contribute can do so by clicking on this link:




One of our latest video projects is finally done! The Making of Envoy is a fictional documentary about the making of an obscure sci-fi blockbuster and what it took to get it to the big screen.


We're shopping it around to various film festivals at the moment. And, to help us do that, we're making it available for sale right here:




With all the proceeds from sales, if any, going toward festival entry fees.


A short suspense thriller in the Hitchcockian-tradition in which a washed-up DJ befriends a local serial killer who offers to help his sagging career.



One of our earlier efforts about a stalker terrorizing a young woman. Stick around to the end for the surprise twist!


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